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Martial Arts Classes

American Kenpo (translated to "law of the fist") is a martial art characterized by the use of quick hand strikes, chops, knees, elbows, claws and kicks in rapid succession. The multitude of fast strikes serves to overwhelm the opponent as well as cause maximum damage therefore neutralizing the threat as quickly as possible. Furthermore, this system of self-defense focuses on practical application and natural body movement making it the most practical form of self defense for any age or gender.


Originally formulated by Senior Grand Master (SGM) Ed Parker, American Kenpo is foremost a self defense system as opposed to a sport type martial art. SGM Parker made significant modifications to the art throughout his life, introducing or changing principles, theories, and concepts of motion, as well as creating a unique lexicon of the art. He looked to incorporate as much science into his techniques as possible considering gravity, motion, and physics with every application.

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Benn Cohen's American Kenpo

Benn Cohen has nearly 40 years experience as a martial arts instructor, motivator, and fitness coach. Mr. Cohen has found a unique balance between the commercial "belt factory" and hard core fighting school resulting in a professional environment with a family feel that is successful, practical and dynamic and offers high quality martial arts, longevity and loyalty in the student body. If you're looking to be the best version of yourself, come see us today. 

American Kenpo Karate is Self Defense & Wellness
Training for the Whole Family

Class Schedule and Registration

Classes are available for ages 3 and up. For more information including registration for classes, please contact Benn Cohen's American Kenpo directly at 786-222-4764, or visit their website at:


About Benn Cohen's American Kenpo

A Wealth of Knowledge

Senior Professor Benn Cohen holds a 7th degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo (EPAK) with nearly 40 years’ experience in the Kenpo system and various other Martial Arts including Judo, Aikido, and Kick Boxing.

Straight from the Source

Mr. Cohen studied under Senior Grand Master (SGM) Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, and his Vice President, Senior Master Joe Palanzo in Baltimore, MD. He later managed the Baltimore dojo for Mr. Palanzo where he received special tutelage and personal instruction.

Between 1988 and 2001 Mr. Cohen owned 3 Kenpo schools and a gym in the Orlando, FL area having more than 450 active members for many years. During that time he produced more than 100 State Champions. Mr. Cohen is a two-time Florida State Champion in fighting and was ranked in the top 5 in the country in 1993 and 1994. He also won several National tournaments including the Blue Grass National Karate Championships. He was the starting middle weight fighter for the United Professionals National Karate Team having defeated over 100 nationally ranked fighters.

He is also a former SAG actor who appeared in four Martial Arts movies including: Mortal Kombat and three Don "The Dragon" Wilson movies.

Know Your Roots

Mr. Cohen can be found here in the American Kenpo “Family Tree”: 




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